"The expert in everything was once a beginner" – Helen Hayes

We would never have expected that our humble team Jit Sin would one day step on an international stage, showcasing their language skills and knowledge to not only a local audience, but a global one. It has been both an eye-opening and refreshing experience for both students and teachers alike.

Learning in the 21st century does not only circle around being book smart. On the contrary, students are expected to have good communication skills and critical thinking to be considered competent in the rat race. We are glad to be presented with many opportunities, one of them is to participation the renowned World Scholar’s Cup where students can harness the abovementioned skills and use them in academic events such as general quiz, essay writing and debate.

At the end of the school year, Mr Jarod led a team of 3 on a mission to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut – to step out of our shell, not to prove something to others, but to challenge ourselves and to break through new frontiers.

The first night in New Haven was indeed a pleasant turn of events as it was the first snow of the season! Besides practicing gestures and body language, the team had to practice waving mittens! One the first day of the competition, the students were all geared up in their winter wear and they marched confidently to the grand tournament in Yale University. They faced off with 2300 scholars from 58 different countries. It was definitely a memorable experience as the students embraced different cultures and fostered new friendships. They won 2 golds and 4 silvers medals, making a mark for our school in the global community.