‘The worst speech you’ll ever give, will be far better than the one you never give. – Fred Miller’
The Jit Sin Interclass Debate Competition went out with a bang on the 26th January as teachers and students alike left the closing ceremony with cheerful smiles on their faces. The event was a success as not only many new talents are discovered, it has also fostered a new and stimulating relationship between debaters and English teachers. The art of debate was creatively showcased during the finals in which students braved the crowd as they expressed their thoughts and spoke their minds.


Debate is a formal, verbal presentation of opposing sides of an issue by teams or individuals before an audience or judge. It is a commonly attributed characteristic of the 21st century skills that was very much emphasized by our government and school authorities and it is often used to strengthen and extend students’ understanding of an issue and to help students develop and demonstrate cognitive thinking, research, and public speaking skills. The idea of the Jit Sin Interclass Debate Competition was first proposed in response to the 2017 HELP University Chinese Secondary Schools 6th International English Debate Competition. As more and more students are gaining interest in debate, the interclass debate competition finally came into realization with the blessing of the school and teachers from the English Department.


To help inexperienced students understand the whole process of debate, a special workshop was organized to coach and assist students in their idea generation, script writing and also speaking manner. Special thanks to all teachers and debaters who are involved in the workshop.


The debate competition itself was a nail-biter, with students pacing forwards and backwards rehearsing their scripts before the competition while others furiously jotting down notes when the competition was in progress. We are proud to have witnessed in-depth discussions on various topics, quick-witted comebacks and sassy attitudes that are definitely a new side to many. It is also a great sight to behold, seeing teachers working together with students to explain, converse and organize ideas into chunks of bite-size information ready to be given to both the opponents and the audience. Once again, the interclass debate competition has indeed set a benchmark for reference as students have proven to us time and again, collectively they can do much more than the individual teacher can.